‘God of Soccer’ fanservice tweet→Fans are furious

 Lionel Messi, who will join the American professional football Major League Soccer (MLS) Inter Miami, entered the United States via Fort Roddale 메이저사이트추천 Airport in the United States this week. Fort Roddale is an airport north of Miami. The image of Messi exiting the airport with his family on a chartered plane was captured by fans at the airport.

Messi, who has a luxurious mansion on the beach in Miami, has since been followed by sightings all over Miami. Fans’ reports of seeing Messi are spreading through social media, and Messi’s fan service is also spreading rapidly along with it.

Upon arriving in the United States, Messi was spotted by shoppers at a supermarket in Miami. According to a Spanish press, Messi did her grocery shopping, pushing a cart and roaming around her supermarket just like any other person in her life, she said. Her wife, Antorella, and her three sons were also present.

If you look at the pictures posted by her fans, she is Messi with her cart full and she is just walking out of the checkout line. A happy smile overflows on her face.

Fans who recognized her messi flocked to ask for a picture of her, and she took a picture of her with her smiling face. She had teenage girls as well as middle-aged fans. It’s like a fan meeting. Unsurprisingly, photos taken with Messi quickly went viral on social media. Her fans are said to have been all impressed by her Messi’s fan service.

Prior to this, she and her family ate at a restaurant in Miami. However, as she left the restaurant, a fan wearing an Argentina national team uniform asked Messi for a selfie. Since she is a fan wearing the Argentina national team uniform, Messi was happy to pose.

This fan made memories with her messi by taking pictures of her as well as videos of her. Another fan suddenly liked her kissing Messi on the cheek. Messi was even taken aback by the sudden overreaction of fans.

She owns several ultra-luxury apartments on the beach in Florida, USA. According to British media reports, she bought three apartments along Miami Beach. The most famous of these is a luxury mansion built by a German supercar maker.

This apartment is a high-rise apartment and consists of a total of 132 units. It is said that there are three spaces where homeowners can bring their expensive supercars to the inside of the house and store them. The supercar is driven home by a dedicated elevator.

The price per apartment is not known, but the media say Messi’s apartment is 9 million dollars, or about 12 billion won. The apartment is a 30-minute drive from Inter Miami’s home stadium.

Messi says he bought a luxury apartment in Miami a few years ago and stayed there to relax during the holiday season. Also, according to media reports, Messi bought an apartment in Miami because she wanted her three sons to attend school in the United States.

On the other hand, it is known that the inauguration ceremony of Messi, who announced that she will go to Inter Miami on the 8th of last month, will be held on the 16th local time at the latest. The media say this weekend in local time. It is said that his debut match will be held on the 22nd at the earliest, and on the 27th at the latest, wearing an Inter Miami uniform and giving a ceremony to American fans.

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