From Springs to the ‘core bullpen’… Tampa Bay signs a 3-year, 14.8 billion contract with Fairbanks

Tampa Bay has signed a contract extension with Pete Fairbanks following Geoffrey Springs.

The Tampa Bay Rays said on the 28th (Korean time), “We have signed a three-year, $12 million (approximately 14.8 billion won) extension contract with reliever Fairbanks, including a club option for 2026.”

The US’’ said, “Fairbanks will receive $3.66 million (about 4.5 billion won) annually for the next three seasons. There is also a club option worth $7 million (about 8.6 billion won) in 2026, including incentives. If he does, he can raise up to 11 million dollars (about 13.5 billion won). If he gives up on triggering the option, there is a buyout of 1 million dollars (about 1.2 billion won).” You can receive up to 24.6 million dollars (approximately 30.3 billion won).” 토토사이트

Fairbanks, who joined the Texas Rangers with the 258 overall pick in the 9th round in the 2015 draft, was traded to Tampa Bay in 2019. Fairbanks, who has been a steady bullpen resource for Tampa Bay, was injured before last season and only came on the mound at the end of the first half. Last season, Fairbanks appeared in 24 games and had a good performance, recording 6 holds, 8 saves, 24 innings, 3 runs (3 earned) and 38 strikeouts with a 1.13 ERA.

“Fairbanks has shown in our bullpen that he can be the kind of reliever you want to use at the end of a game,” said Tampa Bay general manager Peter Bendix. “I expect Fairbanks to be a really big part of moving forward.”

‘’ said, “Tampa Bay and Fairbanks had a difference of $400,000 (about 500 million won) in salary negotiations. Fairbanks wanted $1.9 million (about 2.3 billion won) and Tampa Bay wanted $1.5 million (about 1.8 billion won). won),” he said. It seemed to go to the salary adjustment committee, but it ended with an extension contract signed.

Tampa Bay recently signed an extension with a player who seems to be passing over to the salary adjustment committee. Tampa Bay signed a 4-year, $31 million (approximately 38.2 billion won) extension contract with left-hander Jeffrey Springs on the 26th. Then, he signed an extension contract with Fairbanks and is preparing for his future.

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