Free agency, the feast is over…pro basketball’s Day One time of destiny coming up

In the midst of all the buzz around the big-name free agent class, an inevitable homework assignment has fallen on the professional basketball world. The main character is Goyang Day One, whose parent company is facing financial difficulties. It will be interesting to see if they can find a breakthrough in the face of wage arrears and other issues.

According to the basketball world on the 25th, the Korean Basketball League (KBL) will hold a general meeting with 10 clubs on the 31st to discuss the wage arrears of the Day players and the operation of the next season. The plan is to start discussions on Day One at the same time as finalizing the free agency market, which opened immediately after the championship game.

The first meeting on the 31st will mainly 메이저놀이터 consist of the KBL and the other nine clubs listening to Day One’s side of the story. Rather than making any major decisions right away, the plan is to hear about specific plans, including the relocation of the franchise, which is currently underway. A KBL official said, “We told them (Day One) that we want to hear their plans by the end of this month. We’re not going to make a decision on expulsion right away,” he said, adding, “I think there will be a follow-up discussion in the near future.”

Dae-won has had his fair share of ups and downs over the past season. Parent company Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering was late in paying its subscription fee due to poor finances, and the team and front office staff were not paid on time. In the middle of the season, the naming sponsor, Carot Insurance, canceled the contract. Even though the team qualified for the playoffs with their unique archery basketball, they were worried about whether to participate until the last minute due to non-payment of the subscription fee.

The move, which began in February during the regular season, has yet to yield any concrete results. They were linked to Pohang, Gyeongbuk, and had discussions for a while, but were unable to find a company to finance the move. Recently, they switched to Busan City. In the meantime, the team also signed FAs Kim Min-wook and Ham Jun-hoo.

The first issue that needs to be addressed to protect its members is wage arrears. According to the basketball world, the organization still hasn’t paid the wages of some players. According to Article 23 of the Standard Contract for Professional Sports in Men’s Basketball, published by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, if the club fails to pay salary without justification for more than three months, the player can immediately terminate the contract.

Even if the team succeeds in paying their wages and relocating, how they will play the next season is another matter. The new owners have to be well vetted, as the club was completely underfunded, and Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering had to be given a chance to qualify.

The worst-case scenario of the club being disbanded cannot be completely ruled out. In this case, the fate of the Day One players, who will have to find a new home, is expected to be a major issue that will shake up the game next season.

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