Expectations of the US media “San Diego will renew the contract with Machado before the opening day”

Will San Diego Padres starting third baseman Manny Machado (31) agree to a new contract with San Diego?

Ken Rosenthal, a major league columnist for “The Athletic,” said in a column on the 8th, “There is no news anywhere that a contract agreement is imminent,” but predicted that there is a high possibility that the Padres and Machado will agree on a major contract before the season opener.

Machado agreed to a 10-year, $300 million contract with the Padres ahead of the 2019 season, including an opt-out clause after the 2023 season.

In San Diego, he recorded a batting average of .280, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage of .504 in 519 games over the past four years, and is a two-time All-Star, one-time Silver Slugger, and second in MVP voting for the 2022 season, so he won’t pass up the opportunity to be reevaluated.

The Padres will need to give him longer and more than at least the remainder of his contract (six years, $180 million) in order to retain him.

There’s no doubt that Rosenthal will be worth more than the 10-year, $300 million deal he was given with new teammate Xander Bogaerts, and other players such as Trey Turner and Aaron Judge who signed mega contracts this offseason. rated as nonexistent.

It is not an amount that can be easily agreed upon. Nevertheless, Rosenthal cited the possibility of Machado’s contract renewal for five reasons.

The first reason is Steve Cohen, owner of the New York Mets. Showing aggressive moves this offseason, he is highly likely to maintain the same stance in the next offseason as well. If Machado goes to the FA market, it means that there will be a team to pick up.

The team situation also tells us that we need to renew the contract with him. Juan Soto has already turned down a 15-year, $440 million offer from his former team, the Washington Nationals. Becoming a free agent after two seasons, he is highly likely to appreciate his value in the market without extending his contract, following the advice of his agent, Scott Boras. Here, Fernando Tatis Jr. is in an unpredictable situation. The prospect pool has also run out due to several major trades. Failure to capture Machado could send the team into a dark period.

Owner Peter Seidler’s willingness to invest is also likely to have an impact. Rosenthal predicts that he will not hesitate to renew his contract with Machado, who has repeatedly shown his willingness to pay huge sums to sign top-tier players.

The circumstances of Machado’s agent Dan Lozano were also mentioned. Another Lozano client, Albert Pujols, has retired, while Josh Donaldson and Joey Votto are on the decline. Tatis and Jordan Alvarez have already agreed to major contracts. Machado is the only card that can give Lozano a profit. As an agent, you want your clients to be valued in the market, but you also need to manage risk. If the Padres are willing to pay market value, he’ll have no reason to say no.

Add to this the fact that Machado and his family are comfortable living in San Diego. Located in Southern California, San Diego has a mild climate and is a comfortable place to live. If he leaves for another big market, he added that it will be difficult for him to maintain his status as the team’s most watched star.

Despite these factors, it’s still unclear if the Padres will agree to a contract extension with Machado. Still, one thing seems certain. Rosenthal predicted the Padres would “continue to spend a lot of money to maintain his success.” 온라인카지노

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