‘Even performance of the main players’ BNK, Shinhan Bank’s 4 consecutive wins… Stay in 2nd place

Busan BNK Some defeated Incheon Shinhan Bank 79-62 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball held at the Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan on the 27th. With a record of 12 wins and 8 losses, it remained in second place alone. It is 6 games behind No. 1 Asan Woori Bank (18 wins, 2 losses).

Jin An (181cm, C) and Han Eom-ji (180cm, F) did well in the height fight, and Ahn Hye-ji (164cm, G) and Lee So-hee (171cm, G) scored 3 points at each juncture. Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F) also played a central role in an invisible place. Thanks to the even performance of the starting lineup, BNK was able to maintain second place.

1Q: Incheon Shinhan Bank 17-14 Busan BNK Sum: Even if rebounds are pushed…

[Shinhan Bank-BNK, 1Q major record comparison]

  • Rebound: 5 (Attack 2)-13 (Attack 6)
  • Number of successful 2-pointers: 7-7
  • 2-point shot success rate: about 53% – about 58%
  • paint zone score: 12-10
  • Shinhan Bank ahead of all Shinhan

Bank has been on the rise recently. Before meeting BNK, he ran 3 consecutive victories. Shinhan Bank coach Gunadan said before the game, “There are some things that the opposing team’s situation is not perfect. However, it is true that mutual trust between our players has grown.”
However, Shinhan Bank is playing without a clear big man. Woori Bank is also the same, but Shinhan Bank’s height is lower than Woori Bank. In addition, it is difficult to compete head-to-head against the BNK forwards, such as Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F), Han Eom-ji (180cm, F), and Jinan (181cm, C).
Shinhan Bank’s difficulties were revealed in the rebound. However, Shinhan Bank performed well in the first quarter. It’s because BNK’s field goal was largely destroyed, and BNK’s camp was aggressive. It wasn’t a big score difference, but the players were able to gain confidence.

2Q: Busan BNK Sum 40-27 Incheon Shinhan Bank: Overwhelming

[BNK-Shinhan Bank, 2Q major record comparison]

  • Score: 26-10
  • Paint Zone Score: 10-4
  • Number of successful 3-pointers: 3-1
  • Field shooting success rate : Approx. 47% (2 points: 5/11, 3 points: 3/6) -Approximately 31% (2 points: 3/8, 3 points:

) . In addition, four main players (Kim Han-byeol-Ahn Hye-ji-Jin An-Lee So-hee), excluding Han Eom-ji (180cm, F), have played together in the 2021-2022 season. He has both personal and organizational skills.
The reason BNK’s main lineup is strong. Because the position balance is good. Kim Han-byeol (178cm, F), Jinan (181cm, F), and Han Um-ji have good control under the goal line, and Ahn Hye-ji (164cm, G) coordinates the game and Lee So-hee (171cm, G) has excellent outside scoring skills.
BNK showed off the strength of their main lineup in the second quarter. The forward line did a good job of attacking under the goal and fighting for rebounds, and Lee So-hee expanded Shinhan Bank’s defensive range with the outer catcher. Ahn Hye-ji controlled those situations as a whole. So BNK was able to overwhelm Shinhan Bank. The first half ended with a pretty big score difference.

3Q: Busan BNK Some 56-48 Incheon Shinhan Bank: Counterattack one-two punch

[Shinhan Bank 3Q major player record]

  • Sonia Kim: 10 minutes, 8 points (free throw: 3/3), 3 rebounds (attack 1)
  • Lee Kyung-eun: 7 28 seconds, 5 points (2 points: 2/2, free throw: 1/1) 4 assists, 1 rebound (attack)

Shinhan Bank did not collapse easily. Also, Shinhan Bank’s color can harass BNK. To be specific, it is Shinhan Bank’s speed and aggressive movement.
Sonia Kim (177cm, F) took the lead. He shook the BNK defense around the paint zone. He scored in a variety of ways, including post-ups, second chance points and jumpers. He even earned a foul free throw for his aggressive play.
Lee Kyung-eun (174cm, G) supported me from behind. He helped Sonia Kim with various options, such as a kick-out pass following a 2-2 match, a kick-out pass following a quick break, a quick break using momentary speed, and scoring under the goal. In the third quarter, she formed a one-two punch with Sonia Kim. Thanks to this, Shinhan Bank was able to finish the third quarter with a single-digit score.

4Q: Busan BNK Sum 79-62 Incheon Shinhan Bank: Still in second place

[BNK, recent 6 match results]

  1. 2022.12.18. vs Asan Woori Bank (Busan Sajik Gymnasium): 63-67 (lose)
  2. 2022.12.24. vs Bucheon Hana 1Q (Bucheon Indoor Gymnasium): 74-56 (win)
  3. 2023.01.14. vs Asan Woori Bank (Asan Yi Sun-sin Gymnasium): 56-68 (lose)
  4. 2023.01.16. vs Yongin Samsung Life (Busan Sajik Indoor Gym): 72-71 (win)
  5. 2023.01.20. vs Cheongju KB Stars (Cheongju Gymnasium): 61-62 (L)
  6. 2023.01.27. vs Incheon Shinhan Bank (Busan Sajik Gymnasium) : 77-62 (Win)
  • Last 6 matches: 3 wins 3 losses

Ahn Hye-ji and Lee So-hee stopped the pursuit. Ahn Hye-ji threw cold water at Shinhan Bank with a 3-point shot and Lee So-hee with a corner jumper. BNK ran away with a double-digit score difference (63-53) 7 minutes and 14 seconds before the end of the game.
Jin An and Kim Han-byeol scored consecutively in the paint zone, and Ahn Hye-ji hit 3 wedges (70-56) 3 minutes and 53 seconds before the end of the game.
She was hit 3 by Kim Jin-young, but was not hit hard. Rather, it strengthened the victory that was caught. In particular, Jinan’s solo fast break was of great significance. It was because it was a score that pierced Shinhan Bank with a dagger at 75-59. BNK, which caught Shinhan Bank, once again showed that it was in second place alone.


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