‘Drunk driving’ Kim Min-seok, fined… Winter Olympics ‘red light’

A red light was turned on for the participation in the 2026 Winter Olympics by Kim Min-seok, a mid- to long-distance signage for ice speed, who was briefly indicted for drunk driving.

On the 19th, the Cheongju District Prosecutor’s Office indicted Kim Min-seok, who was charged with drunk driving, with a fine of 8 million won.

If the fine is decided at the current level, it will be difficult for Kim Min-seok to return to the national team, making it impossible to participate in the Winter Olympics.

Even if you are fined less than 5 million won in a formal trial, you will be disqualified for two years, so it is unclear when you consider the national team selection schedule.

Kim Min-seok is suspected of causing an accident in Jincheon National Training Center in July of last year when he drove a car while drunk and crashed into a sidewalk block boundary stone. 메이저사이트

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