Dodgers “best player on the planet” Pumna…57% of ML players “Ohtani to Dodgers”

Major League Baseball (MLB) players have named the Los Angeles Dodgers as the next destination for Shohei Ohtani of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

The Athletic conducted a poll of Major 스포츠토토 League Baseball players and found that a majority of the 96 respondents, 57.2%, said they think Ohtani will play for the Dodgers next season. Only 11.4 percent said he would stay with the Angels.

Ohtani is eligible for free agency after this season. A two-hitter and MVP frontrunner, Ohtani is widely expected to become the first player in major league history to sign a contract worth more than $500 million ($64.65 billion) when he hits free agency. The highest major league contract by total value is Mike Trout’s 12-year, $426.5 million deal. The consensus is that Ohtani will easily surpass it.

At 6-2 with a 3.29 ERA on the mound this season and batting .295 (83-for-281) with 24 home runs, 58 RBIs, and 10 doubles at the plate, Ohtani has the lowest ERA of any pitcher in the big leagues (0.178) and is first in home runs. At this rate, an MVP award and a mega-contract are a given for Ohtani.

Even his nemesis, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, had nothing but praise for Ohtani. “They’re arguably the two best players on the planet,” Roberts said of Ohtani and Mike Trout, according to a video of Roberts’ interview released by Sports Central LA on Nov. 21. If Ohtani wears a Dodger uniform next season, as the players’ survey indicated, the Dodgers will have what Roberts called “the best player on the planet.”

After the Dodgers and Angels, the San Diego Padres, New York Mets (over 7.2%) and New York Yankees (6.3%) were the next most likely destinations for Ohtani in the survey. In another survey question, “If you were building a team today, who would be the first player you would sign,” 45.6% of the 103 respondents chose Ohtani.

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