“Do your job well”… Wallcle defender visits media company SNS and ‘directly comments’

Chelsea defender Tiago Silva strongly responded to some media outlets posting mockery of team-mate Enso Fernandez.

Chelsea conceded the winning goal to Karim Adeyemi in the 2022/23 European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League round of 16 first leg away match against Dortmund held at Signal Iduna Parque in Dortmund, Germany on the 16th (Korean time) 0-1 lost with

Chelsea were criticized for not seeing the effect of investing huge transfer fees in the winter transfer market while their Champions League quarterfinals were at stake as they continued their 4-game draw in a row with the defeat on the day.

It was a game in which all the resources expected in the winter transfer market, such as Joao Felix, Mihailo Mudrik, and Enso Fernandez, were played, but after Dortmund striker Karim Adeyemi’s winning goal, they could not recover and eventually lost.

When Chelsea failed to rebound despite a lot of investment, media ridicule towards Chelsea continued.

Brazilian media ‘TNT Sports Brazil’ posted a picture of Enso Fernandez wiping away tears after the match, saying, “Enso is still looking for Adeyemi.”

At the time, Enso was the only player left behind as Dortmund Adeyemi tried to counter-attack. Enso followed Adeyemi’s dribble to the vicinity of the penalty box, but Adeyemi made a quick breakthrough in front of the box and passed him.

Adeyemi then punched through Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga and pushed the ball into an empty net. It was the winning goal of the match. 스포츠토토

TNT Sports Brasil’s post pointed to the conceding situation that Enso, who had broken through, was still looking for Adeyemi.

However, Chelsea veteran Silva did not stay still at the ridicule of the national media. He countered the media’s reaction by commenting directly on the post.

“Lack of respect, damn it. Serious about what you’re doing,” Silva wrote in the comments, then tagged TNT Sports Brazil. He shows remarks that he tried to criticize for the media taking the lead in ridicule, not reporting.

On the other hand, fans expressed mixed reactions to Silva’s comments, saying, “I hope all players say this” and “Respect is necessary”, “Can’t you play around” and “He deserves to be a crybaby”.

While even the media expressed their negative emotions about performance and conceding scenes, the mockery towards Chelsea is expected to intensify if Chelsea does not overturn the negative evaluation and make a turnaround in the second half of this season with new players.

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