Director Go Hee-jin does not praise… “For the players”

Even with the progress of his disciples, he does not easily take out praise. Go Hee-jin (43), coach of the women’s professional volleyball KGC Ginseng Corporation, draws a bigger picture. 카지노

Ginseng Corporation recently ignited the competition for mid-tier rankings. With two consecutive victories, they earned 6 points and climbed to 4th place (41 points, 13 wins and 15 losses). Domestic players joined forces with main gun Elisabeth Ine Barga (registered name Elisabeth) with Altoran-like performance. In particular, the progress of the young players stood out. Middle blocker Jeong Ho-young has been reborn as the main scorer. Middle blocker Park Eun-jin and outside hitter Park Hye-min also showed better play in the second half compared to the first half.

The command tower was not satisfied. Head coach Ko Hee-jin said, “The players themselves should aim for a higher place. You have to keep trying to reach that point,” he said. “You shouldn’t settle for just doing well. We are trying to change the mindset of the players,” he said. Coach Goh said, “I think the reason the players struggled so far is because of their mindset and attitude. I always emphasize that part,” he said, raising his voice, saying, “If the players change, the team changes.”

We plan to use sticks more than carrots in the future. Director Ko said, “It can be said that he is a director who is stingy with praise. It is my role to help players develop further,” he said. “That is the most important. I will give you all the compliments when the time is right.”

Ho-Young Jeong and Eun-Jin Park were cited as examples. Coach Goh was also a middle blocker during his active career, so he wants to tell more about him. Director Ko said, “Actually, I scold Jung Ho-young a lot. He has to play with more concentration than now,” he said. I want to develop him into a better player.”

“It is also an important time for Park Eun-jin. He has a much better fast break than he did earlier in the season. He is a great force for the team,” he said. “Obviously he has to become a bigger player than he is now. Since Hoyoung is there, I hope that we can compete with each other like rivals and create synergy.”

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