Coach Dae-ho Kim of 2 consecutive losses ‘Cmack’ “I think the earlier we meet our team, the luckier we are”

Kwangdong Freecs started the season with two losses, losing 1-2 against Brion in the first round of the 2023 League of Legends Champions Korea Spring held at Gran Seoul LCK Arena in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 21st. In the post-game interview, coach “Cmack” Dae-ho Kim talked about the reason for the defeat and the schedule for next week.

▶Guangdong Freecs coach Kim “C-Mac” Dae-ho

“Since we don’t have many matches yet and we are a rookie-oriented team, I think our judgment when bold or hot-tempered is weaker in actual matches than in scrims. This will improve with repeated matches. In

the case of the 3rd set, Lilia pick was so good that it was difficult from a ban pick point. We made a mid and jungle combination with AP and AD, but from our point of view, bottom has the initiative, so it was a mid-jungle 2v2 strength fight. However, there was no way to win because Lillia, who had a fast jungle speed, was running around the jungle with Goku, who was slow in the jungle, so there was no way to win. I’m sorry to the fans for disappointing them. The

good thing after the 1st week was concentration “I didn’t lose it until the end. However, I have to make real-time judgments on what to do in certain situations, and that’s a pity. I think I should definitely gain experience in the tournament. I’m proud that I’ve been working hard, and I’m sorry that I keep pushing myself.” But I think that someday it will bloom. 온라인카지노

In the case of next week’s schedule, it’s too much to say, but I think the earlier you meet our team, the luckier you are. Other teams will grow, of course, but we, a weak and helpless team with no answer, think that if we build up step by step, whether it’s a weak team or a strong team next time, I’m looking forward to it. I hope you will watch over us to see if we have grown or not.”

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