‘Closer’ Lee Joo-hyun, who scored 5 wins with Azir, “I will overwhelm DRX and prepare well for T1 match”

Lee “Closer” Lee Joo-hyeon, who contributed to the come-from-behind victory of Liv Sandbox (LSB) by enduring a difficult time against the offensive power of the Kwangdong Freecs (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong) and firmly defending her position, expressed her joy in victory and her will for steady improvement.

On the 8th, in the 1st match of the 4th week of the ‘2023 League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) Spring’ held at LoL Park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, LSB won against Guangdong with a set score of 2-1. 먹튀검증

Commenting on the victory, Lee Joo-hyun said, “I was a little nervous when I gave away the first set, but I’m glad that I won both the second and third sets and settled the mood well.” Regarding what he did, he said, “The most regrettable thing was that the winning streak was broken due to the loss in the last game. He thought it was because there were a lot of parts that were not neat, so he tried to return to the original state through practice.”

Then, when asked if the match against Guangdong, a team with similar offensive tendencies, was a burden, he said, “Rather than the burden, the thought that I must win came first, and the thought that ‘Bulldog’ Tae-young Lee’s form was good, and the desire not to be pushed out of the line was a natural motivation. Regarding giving away Azir in the first set, he said, “I didn’t feel sorry for the champion, but I was able to win, but the part I lost remained in my head, and from the next set, we chose Azir and tried to show a good play. ” I looked back.

Lee Joo-hyun, who tried to come from behind until the end of the 1st set, expressed regret as the reason for the failure, saying, “If I had fought somehow without giving up the last Baron easily, I would have been able to win. The reason for being able to overcome the early melee of the 2nd set was “It was regrettable that the 2nd set was allowed to attack after forced laning, but we thought it was advantageous in the distance because it consisted of Jace, Maokai, and Azir, so we could take it little by little at our own pace. It induced them to do so,” he explained.

Then, regarding the 3rd set that decided the game, “As we prepared, the opponent brought out the champion combination, so we were able to play comfortably. Thanks to the coaching staff who accurately predicted and informed us of the strategies our opponents would choose, I think we got good results quickly.” .” He added with a laugh.

On the other hand, after picking Lee “Envy” Myeong-jun as the player who showed great performance in the team’s victory, he said, “I could have been very nervous and let down when I lost the first game, but I am grateful for his continued good work since then.” He also expressed his gratitude to Strategy Analyst Lee Young-nam, saying, “Thanks to his guidance on many options in the strategic area based on solo rank and scrim data, it is a great help.”

Meanwhile, with determination for the next match, DRX match, Lee Joo-hyun, who raised her voice, said, “I want to win overwhelmingly by pushing hard in the lane match against ‘Fate’ Soo-hyeok Yoo.” I think I can continue that momentum,” he said about his thoughts on the game that followed.

Concluding the interview, Lee Joo-hyun said, “Thank you to the fans who have always supported me, and I want to become a mid laner you can always trust. I wish him well in the future.”

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