Choi deflects provocations from China’s newest weapon

(Hangeul Go = Han Chang-gyu) While the two Korean players in the round of 24 the day before were new to the main stage of the world championship, the three Korean players starting in the round of 16 are champions of the Oh Cheong Won-bae.

The round of 16 of the 6th Oh Cheong Won Bae World Women’s Go Championship, featuring the top-ranked Taekwondo players, was held online on Tuesday. It took five hours and 15 minutes for the final game to conclude, and two of the four Koreans emerged victorious.

Choi Jeong 9-dan, the two-time and four-time Ocheong Wonbae winner and Korea’s No. 1 female player, defeated 17-year-old Wu Yim 5-dan, who is 10 years younger than her. Wu Yiming 5th provoked with an aggressive grappling match, but was badly broken by a punch from Choi Jung 9th.

After 4 hours, 8 minutes, and 156 moves 메이저놀이터, Choi Jeong 9th put down his mouse after receiving a disinheritance. There were still 2 minutes and 55 seconds left in the game. Wu Yiming’s Chinese women’s ranking jumped eight spots to No. 7 in one month. She was also ranked second at the Asian Games trials.

Women’s No. 2 Kim Chae-young 8-dan, the first queen of Oh Cheong Won-bae, defeated the strong North American player In Ming Ming Chodan. The game was briefly close in the middlegame and went to 193 moves, but Kim finished first in the round of 16.

Defending champion Oh Yoo-jin 9 dan punched her ticket to the quarterfinals against three-time Wu Chengyuan winner Zhou Hongyu 7 dan. The matchup, which featured the No. 4 and No. 2 women’s players in their respective countries, was similar in style, with Oh Yoo-jin 9 turning a 77% white win rate into a 90% black win rate after Han saved a point in the middlegame.

He also conceded four draws. Oh Cheong Won-bae, making her world championship debut, lost her first match against China’s No. 1 ranked player, Yue Zhiying 7.

China, with six players in the round of 16, was joined in the quarterfinals by Wei Ziying 7th dan and Zhou Hongyu 7th dan, as well as Fang Luoxi 5th dan. Japan had three players in the round of 16, with Rina Fujisawa 6th dan, Asami Ueno 4th dan, and Eiko Newe 4th dan all winning. Taiwan’s two players were eliminated.

The quarterfinals, featuring two from Korea, three from China, and three from Japan, will be played on Nov. 11. The draw for each round was made to minimize the number of matches between players from the same country.

The draw resulted in the following quarterfinal matches: CHOI Jung-Asami Ueno (2:2), KIM Chae-young-ZHOU Hong-yu (1:3), YU Zhiying-FU Jisawa Lina (10:1), and PANG Luoxi-NEW Aiko (0:0). In brackets are head-to-head results.

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