Chelsea to Son Heung-min… “146 billion goals shocked… Not before our debut, but there’s no presence” criticism

Reporter Hyunmin Lee= It smells like a failed signing. Ukrainian soccer star Mikhail Mudrikh (22), the son of Chelsea’s Heung-min Son (30, Tottenham Hotspur), is in limbo.

Chelsea signed Mudrikh from Shakhtar 안전놀이터 Donetsk in January of this year. They paid a whopping £89 million ($146 billion) transfer fee. There were plenty of suitors, but Chelsea had the deep pockets.

The season is coming to an end. Mourinho has made 17 official appearances so far, scoring zero goals and providing two assists. He got off to a good start. He made his debut on January 21 against Liverpool. He played 35 minutes and impressed with a dribbling run. Chelsea fans were encouraged that he would live up to his transfer fee.

However, their hopes turned to disappointment and they have remained silent. Mourinho is considered one of the worst signings of the season. Not only in England, but also in Spain.

“Moudrique has had little impact on the game outside of his debut, and he made the biggest impact on his debut. It’s unlucky for him that the team situation hasn’t improved, and it’s difficult for the squad as they are suffering from a lack of goals.”

Chelsea remain in 12th place despite spending a huge amount of money on players including Mourinho. Mourinho’s last game, against Manchester United on Sept. 26, was a goalless affair on the left wing.

If this season was an adjustment period, he’ll need to show something next season. Mauricio Pochettino will take the reins. The local media predicted that Pochettino will use Mourinho like Son Heung-min. If that’s the case, there’s a chance that Mourinho could revive his career. We can’t wait to see what it looks like.

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