‘Champions’ Morocco coach “I came to win Bell and I came to win” [Korea-Morocco press conference].

“I and coach Colin Bell enter the stadium with the intention of winning.”

Renal Pedros, the head coach of the Moroccan women’s national soccer team, a former “French Olympique Lyon master,” vowed to win the match against South Korea.

The South Korean women’s nationa l먹튀검증 soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, will clash with Morocco (FIFA 72nd) in the second Group H match at Adelaide Hindmarsh Stadium in Australia at 1:30 p.m. on the 30th (Korea Standard Time). In the first game against Colombia on the 25th, they lost 0-2. Ahead of the final match against strong Germany on the 3rd of next month, the match against Morocco must have three points. The same is true of Morocco, which lost 0-6 in the first round against Germany. The defeat of both teams is literally a cliff-edge match, meaning two consecutive losses and elimination from the round of 16.

Morocco focused on raising the level of the A national team by recruiting French head coach Pedro, who led the women’s European Champions League title from 2017 to 2019 at French women’s football prestigious Olympique Lyon, and succeeded in advancing to the World Cup for the first time. Public expectations and attention are focused on the first women’s World Cup in Arab countries.

“We are in the same situation as Korea,” said Peiros, who held an official press conference at Hindmarsh Stadium on the 29th. “We both have to win,” he stated. “We have to be more efficient in defense. There may be situations where you have to attack, but you have to use your head when defending in the box. It’s a game after meeting Germany, a strong team. “There was enough training time after the first game, and there are factors that can be recovered in the match against Korea because the defeat was analyzed in detail,” he said, singing hope of three points. “

Asked about the atmosphere after the 0-6 defeat against Germany, he said, “I didn’t lose that much morale. I’m not disappointed. Of course, it is a disappointing result, but I tried internally to help the players raise the positive atmosphere again. He said, “I focused on analyzing the game and analyzed what I did well and what I didn’t do well, and the morale rose again.” The Korean team has been analyzing a lot for a long time and there are many good players. The strengths will go to great lengths to respond well. There are also many tall players. But our players also have many advantages. “I trained a lot to develop my strengths,” he said with confidence.

When asked how he felt about facing South Korea on behalf of Morocco, Africa, as the winning coach of the European Champions League, like Bell, he said, “It is our first World Cup appearance. “The situation is a little different from Korea,” he drew the line and said, “I prepared for the World Cup with a very focused appearance and a spirit of tenacity. It’s my first time in the World Cup as an African Arab country, and I have to learn a lot quickly. The preparation period for the World Cup has been short since the runner-up at the Africa Cup of Nations. “I’m just happy to be able to represent Morocco with a national flag, but I have to do my best at the opportunity given,” he stressed. “Because it’s soccer, we can lose or win. I’m thinking that I shouldn’t regret it. I will play a game without regret.” Personally, I enter the stadium to win as I greet Korea as a Moroccan coach. The same would be true of Colin. “They must be trying to win each other,” he said, vowing to win without concessions.

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