At the $100 million Road FC tournament, South Korea’s Nandin Erden and Kim Soo-cheol are the only ones laughing

The quarterfinals of the bantamweight and lightweight tournaments were held at the ‘Gupne Road FC 064’ event at the Wonju General Gymnasium on Seowon-daero, Wonju, Gangwon-do, on April 24. Road FC organized the Wonju MMA Sports Festival in conjunction with the Korea Fighting Sports Organization (KFSO).

Not only domestic fighters but also fighters from all over the world gathered together to compete for 100 million won in prize money 꽁머니 in three matches: quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals.

When we opened the lid, the walls of the world were high. The overseas talent was stronger than expected. Among the domestic fighters who earned their seeding through fierce competition were the reigning ROAD FC champions. However, they tasted the bitter taste of elimination.

First, the tournament’s reserve matches consisted of lightweights Yeo Je-woo and Shin Dong-guk, and bantamweight Cha Min-hyuk and Mongolian fighter Batarzlon Gantuktorch. In the end, Shin Dong-guk defeated Yeo Je-woo to retain the “Firefighter Fighter” title. Batarzlon Gantuckturk defeated Cha Min-hyuk by knockout at 3:42 of the first round.

Next, the quarterfinals of the bantamweight tournament featured a match between Park and Bruno Azevedo. Park fought well against Bruno Azevedo, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, but lost by submission due to a rear-naked choke at 1:28 of the third round.

In the quarterfinals of the bantamweight tournament, Yang faced undefeated Kyrgyz fighter Rajabal Sheydullayev and lost by submission via rear-naked choke at 1:04 of the first round.

“Taekwondo Fighter” Problem Hoon also had a disappointing exit, losing a third-round unanimous decision to Japanese wrestler Akira Haraguchi.

The only Korean fighter to smile in the bantamweight division was ‘Asia’s Strongest’ Kim Soo-cheol. Kim faced off against Russian MFP No. 1 Alexey Indenko and was no match for him in a battle of strength. Kim won by submission via guillotine choke at the 55-second mark of the first round, adding to the surprise, especially after it was revealed that he was fighting injured after being involved in a car accident a week earlier.

In the quarterfinals of the lightweight tournament, Nandin Erden was the only one smiling. A former Mongolian national boxer, Nandinerden recently acquired South Korean citizenship and was seeded as a Korean fighter. He met Brazil’s Filipe Jezus and won by TKO via first-round ground-and-pound.

The most hollow and shocking loss of the night came from Han Sang-kwon against Cameroonian Max the Body. When Max the Body had both feet and one hand on the ground, Han Sang-kwon hit him in the face with a knee kick, causing the fight to be stopped. 메이저토토 The foul was followed by a doctor’s check, and Max the Body never got up during the five-minute recovery period. The match ended as it was, and Han Sang-kwon had to finish the challenge with a foul. Max the Body was booed by the crowd.

Tae-young “Hwang In-soo Sniper” Yoon, who qualified for the quarterfinals of the lightweight tournament, was also knocked out by Artur Solovyev of Russia at 4:15 of the first round.

Park Hae-jin, the last featherweight champion of ROAD FC, also lost a unanimous decision in the third round to veteran Japanese fighter Devana Shutaro. The former Shuto Pacific Rim champion and former All Japan No Gi Jiu Jitsu champion showed off his outstanding ground skills. Park Hae-jin is also a member of the Korean national jiu-jitsu team, but he was overwhelmed in the ground battle.

After their victories at Road FC 064, lightweight Nandin Erden and bantamweight Kim Soo-cheol will meet in the quarterfinals in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, in August. All eyes will be on them to see if they can claim the 100 million won prize as the “representatives of Korea.

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