“Aren’t you ashamed of stealing a ceremony?” Oh Ji-hwan provoked, Yoo Gang-nam chose ‘no response’

“Isn’t it embarrassing to steal a base and celebrate?”

At LG Twins, I have to meet my colleagues who have built friendships by eating rice in one pot for decades and now as enemies. Lotte catcher Yoo Kang-nam (31) did not respond to the provocation of LG shortstop Oh Ji-hwan (33) and made up his mind to calmly sharpen his sword.

LG, which is holding a spring camp in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, is busy filling the vacancy of Yoo Kang-nam. Although Yoo Gang-nam was let go in the free agent market, Park Dong-won, who was also a free agent, was recruited for 4 years and 6 billion won. Oh Ji-hwan expressed regret about breaking up with Kang-nam Yoo, but judged him coldly and provoked Kang-nam Yoo, who became his enemy. Oh Ji-hwan said with a laugh, “(Yoo) Gangnam and I are close brothers and sisters in private. But now we are enemies. In terms of team power, in fact, Park Dong-won is a plus for our team.” 온라인카지노

Then, he said, “Please make sure to write it for Kangnam Yoo to see,” and laughed, saying, “I talked to Kangnam directly on the phone, and if I succeed in stealing second base (against Kangnam Yoo), I will celebrate right away.”

Also, “Both players (Yoo Kang-nam and Park Dong-won) had good contracts. But economically, we did it at a lower cost, and it’s a better contract. I guarantee 100% that it’s a win-win contract.”

The provocative comments thrown in Arizona reached as far as Guam. Yoo Kang-nam also sent an answer after watching Oh Ji-hwan’s interview. He said, “I think it’s actually a bit embarrassing to do a ceremony after stealing a base. Then, once you get caught, what are you going to do…?”

It was a possible provocation and response because they were so friendly. Yoo Kang-nam explained that there was no problem (?) in their relationship, saying “We are very close and after I signed a contract with Lotte, we ate together at Ji-hwan’s house and had a farewell party.”

However, he said, “In fact, after I transferred, I asked Ji-hwan to make a bet. If I steal a base, I calculate the pitcher’s quick motion in seconds, and I make a bet by judging the success or failure of the base steal and buying rice. It has become,” he replied happily, saying, “I will not respond neatly. Please write the same article like this.”

In fact, Oh Ji-hwan’s provocation has its own reasons. It was because of the stealing rate that Yoo Kang-nam was criticized for. Last year, Yoo Gang-nam’s stealing rate was only 17.3%, a low figure. Oh Ji-hwan plans to attack Yoo Gang-nam by taking advantage of this gap.

However, Yoo Gang-nam prepared early to solve his problems at the same time as his FA transfer. He first called coach Choi Gyeong-cheol, whom he played with at LG, to discuss his concerns about stopping base stealing, and they put their heads together early. Yoo Kang-nam said, “There is a part that I am trying to make a change, but coach Choi Kyung-cheol passionately informs me. It seems to be gradually moving up to ‘step by step’.”

Coach Kyung-cheol Choi said, “After signing the contract, he called and explained what he was not doing well, saying, ‘It’s your field, so please make it.’ He said, “I’ll see it, so it’s even better,” he said. I don’t know, but I think I can block it even if I send a runner.”

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