8th semi-finals… ‘Queen of the semi-finals’ Bo-mi Kim, shall we go to the first final stage of LPBA?

If there is Kang Min-goo (Blue One Resort) who is ‘runner-up 4 times’ in the men’s division, there is Kim Bo-mi (NH Nonghyup Card) in the women’s division.

This season, since her LPBA debut, Kim Bo-mi’s report card is the brightest. Since the last 1, she has reached the semifinals a total of 4 times, including the ‘Crown Haitai LPBA Championship (8th Tour)’, the last individual tour of the regular league held in Goyang. However, it will be a report card that is not very sweet for me.

Since her debut, all of her best results have been in the semifinals, and her skills are excellent enough to be mentioned as candidates for the championship each time, but there is no record of the finals.

Kim Bo-mi, who was a “federation queen” by storm in her teens, stepped onto the PBA stage side by side with her father, Kim Byung-ho (then TS JDX Heroes, now Hana Card) in the 2019-20 season. After finishing her first PBA tournament, the Panasonic Open, in the round of 32, she jumped to the round of 16 at the Shinhan Financial Investment Championship, and then straight to the quarterfinals at the Wellbang Championship.

In the 2019-20 season, the Wellbang Championship was held twice. Kim Bo-mi advanced to the semifinals in both well-bang competitions. Her ‘semi-final march’ began at this time.

The 2020-21 season slowed down for a while. Her best performance was at the NH Nonghyup Card Championship, her third tour, where she was eliminated in the quarterfinals, then in the round of 64 and eliminated in the round of 16.

Since then, the 2021-22 season has had a sexual slump at the beginning. He was eliminated in the round of 64 at the opening match, Gyeongju Blue One Resort Championship, eliminated in the round of 128 at the 2nd TS Shampoo Championship, and once again slipped in the round of 64 at the 3rd Huons Championship, predicting a difficult road. After that, he made a brilliant rebound at the Crown Haitai Championship and reached the round of 16, but went downhill again.

Sexual potential exploded in the end. After reaching the semi-finals in the 7th round of the Wellbang Championship, he continued to set a record for the semi-finals in the SK Rent-A-Car World Championship, which is the ‘King of Kings’.

Although there are ups and downs this season, there is almost no elimination in survival. Only once, in the second tour, the Hana Card Championship, was eliminated in the round of 32, and everything else is within the top 10.

In particular, the TS Shampoo Puradak Championship, High1 Resort Championship, Welcome Savings Bank Championship, and the Crown Haitai Championship, all of which are currently being held, all showed their spirit to reach the semi-finals. Except for the 2020-21 season, when the performance was particularly poor, it almost flew in the Wellbang Championship. 토토사이트

What is more difficult than winning the trophy is to eliminate the ups and downs and maintain good results consistently. In that respect, Kim Bo-mi is having a successful year, but that alone is not enough by 2%.

Every PBA champion dreams of the final stage and the championship trophy. Kim Bomi is no different. Since his debut, he has been playing four seasons, so he is in the most desperate position to win the championship more than anyone else. I watched Mina Kim (NH Nonghyup Card), a senior on the same team, break the crown right next to me. It is the position where you have no choice but to receive the will and motivation most certainly.

In an interview with this magazine, Kim Bo-mi said, “The goal is always to win, but it keeps failing because I have a mental problem.”

Fans watching this are also cheering, saying, ‘Shouldn’t Kim Bo-mi win the championship at least once?’

Kim Bo-mi once again reached the semi-finals on the stage where she could lift the last championship cup in the regular season. The opponent is Baek Min-joo (Crown Haetae), the runner-up of the High1 Resort Championship. It’s not an easy opponent.

At the final gateway of the season, billiards fans are paying attention to whether Kim Bo-mi will be the first pro champion in a flashy way or promise the next one.

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