’17P 8R’ Woo Sang-hyun “I will be confident in the next Yonsei match without lowering my tail”

Kyung Hee University’s Woo Sang-hyun scored 17 points, eight rebounds and four assists to lead his team to a 60-48 victory over Hanyang University in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League at Hanyang University’s Olympic Gymnasium on Thursday.

Woo said, “It feels good to win. It was an important game that could make or break our leap to the upper mid-tier, but I think we prepared well for a week and played a good game,” said Woo.

Kyung Hee University used a 3-2 zone defense early in the game. They forced eight turnovers in the first half alone, making it easy for them to take control of the game. Kyung Hee University held Hanyang University to 23% (6/49) shooting from the field in the first half to take a 16-point lead (37-21).

Commenting on Kyung Hee University’s 토토사이트 3-2 zone defense, Woo Sang-hyun said, “We usually use the 3-2 zone defense, but this time we wanted to prepare for Hanyang University, so we brought it out. We have been preparing for it with our coach.”

However, Kyung Hee University faced a crisis in the third quarter. While they scored only seven points, they gave up 22 points to Hanyang University, allowing them to pull within one point (44-43).

“We lost too much at the beginning of the third quarter, so we got down on ourselves. As a result, our scoring became sluggish and the game became difficult. If I had to make an excuse, I would say that we ran too much in the beginning, so we didn’t have any physical burden. I think that’s why we were disappointing in the third quarter,” he explained.

Nevertheless, Kyung Hee University came from behind in the fourth quarter to secure the victory. “Even though we didn’t play well in the third quarter, we didn’t lose the lead to the opponent, so we talked to each other in the fourth quarter about not losing defensive rebounds even if our shots didn’t go in. I think that part worked well and led to the victory,” Woo said.

Woo hit three three-pointers on the night, all at the right time to seal the win. Even when the defense was making perfect contact, he confidently stepped up and made the shot.

“I don’t have any tricks, I just try to shoot the way I practiced,” said Woo. Also, my manager, coach, and teammates tell me to shoot confidently even if it doesn’t go in. So, as far as shooting goes, I think I shot as confidently as I did in practice and it went in.”

“I think this win gives us a chance to rebound. Our next game is against Yonsei. They’re a college team just like us, so we’re not going to let our guard down and do what we’ve been doing, which is playing strong defense and fast basketball, and hopefully we can get a good result.”

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